• NAME: 【PL-1250】Head lamp / lamp LED lamp lighting small scene photography
  • NO.: PL-1250

PL-1250 LED Photography lamp headlampPL-1250 Small scene lighting lamp


Color temperature:5600K/3200K  


Color and material:black, light body material ABS




Product features:

1, PL-1250 professional LED video lamp in 13 watts of electric power consumption, the equivalent of 100 watts of traditional halogen lamp
2, PL-1250 professional LED film has high light color index and the color temperature stability, dimming will not change color, very suitable for professional photography needs.
3, PL-1250 professional LED video lamp can be 5%-100% continuous brightness adjustment function to facilitate the transfer of appropriate brightness
4, PL-1250 professional LED video lamp using a dedicated battery or DC power supply, wide voltage design, the use of more convenient
5, PL-1250 professional LED video lamp using the integrated design, light body light, and has a variety of camera with the interface, the use of flexible




1, this product can use the battery connection line (14.8V) connected to the camera dedicated battery for power supply, or the use of 7.4V plug-in battery. The back of the product has a DC IN 6V-18V 2 interface, plug in the battery connection cable or adapter to supply power. Please note the polarity set, or only use the company's battery connection, otherwise it will lead to a short circuit or the lamp burned out.
2, the power switch is placed in the "O", the lamp power off. The power switch is arranged in the "-", the lamp body power is turned on, and the brightness can be adjusted by the brightness adjusting knob. Clockwise brightness gradually enhanced.
3, the use of external battery, please follow the direction of the arrow to install, if you want to take off the battery, just press the button of the white button, you can take off the battery.




Range of use:

PL-1250 television lights because of the lamp body is portable, easy to use, can be suitable for general use, use a variety of circumstances, can make the head lamp professional, can also be used for small scene lighting lamp. PL-1250 LED is a professional LED news photography lamp lamp is excellent LED camera lights, LED lights, lights, lighting with light, can also be used for lighting.




Usage time:

1, PL-1250 professional LED video lights in the use of SORY 750 battery time is greater than 150 minutes.

2, such as the use of light when the brightness is not the highest, you can extend the time of lighting. 




PL-1250 LED:




 Softboxes Fire prevention ABS Shell
3200K Color temperature conversion cover   External battery(7.4V)





Q: turn on the power switch, the lamp is not bright how to do?

A: please check whether the power supply is normal, if the power supply is normal, light is not bright, please repair.

Q.: the lights dim light, brighter lights cannot do?

A.: if the power supply is normal, the light is not light, is light adjusting knob failure, please repair.

Q: do lamps need to do waterproof protection? Lamps into the water how to do?

In an interview with A:PL-1000 lamps need waterproof protection, can not be used in the rain, or it may cause a short circuit burned out lamp. If not be water, please ensure that the lamp completely dry after the re-use, otherwise it may burn the lampbody.




Safety instructions:

Power Supply

Do not use the damaged power cord or the power plug and the damaged or loose power socket. Otherwise it may cause an electric shock or fire.
When using the battery connection, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles (positive and negative), or only use the company equipped with the battery connection line or power adapter, so as not to cause short circuit or damaged products.


Maintenance and maintenance

1. Please keep the light body dry, LED light emitting surface should be kept clean, do not touch the hand, so as not to affect the luminous efficiency. If you want to clean please use soft suede cotton wipe luminous body surface. Do not use chemical solvents. When necessary, can be appropriate to use high purity alcohol.

2. Do not beat, beat or shaking, otherwise it will affect the normal use.

3. Do not place the lamp body in the place that is too hot or too cold, otherwise it will affect the working efficiency of the battery.

4. When the lamp body appears to be abnormal, the accessories are not working properly or can not be charged, please do not disassemble, as soon as possible with my company sales staff or dealer contact.



1、Please do not disassemble, repair or modify the product.
2、Please do not make the product fall when handling. May result in product damage or personal injury.
3、Do not put candles, mosquito repellent incense, cigarette and any heating device in the peripheral products. Otherwise it could cause a fire.
4、Please put the bags in the children's reach. In order to avoid children playing with serious injuries (suffocation).

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