2013 BIRTV Canon booth to continue using Camlight studio scene lighting lamp

DATE2013-8-28 17:54:51

2013 Beijing BIRTV exhibition, Canon booth layout of the scene is particularly eye-catching, the scene simulation of a cafe in front of the door, the European classic tone of the two models at the table side by side......





Camlight light color, has always been to the low power consumption, low light decay, high brightness and long service life is known, as LED light professional brand, camlight is a good helper for photography.
In this Canon exhibition, lamp type layout small scene of the two models, namely SL-7500 and SL-9900 studio lights, studio, studio or film scene layout of the two lamps are widely used in TV station. Camlight studio lights are not dazzling, soft lighting, no fever, by the unanimous recognition and praise of professionals.