The technology and art of film and television advertisement

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Shooting process in the production of film and television advertising another important part, it mainly depends on the operation of technology, but can not be separated from the arts, is the combination of art and technology products. It can be divided into the following parts:


1 lighting
In television advertising, the establishment of a specific lighting layout from the following aspects: choose a light direction, and based on the direction of the main light source placed logic; reproduction to control the shadow region join the fill light and back light; adding the outline that actor is stereoscopic, and make the subject and background; placed scenes and background light, so as to form the realistic illusion; placing a special light to increase the depth and emphasis on people and things. 3/4 prior to the main and auxiliary light, fill light, the combination of the three formed a three point lighting style. Three point technology, whether indoor or outdoor, can be applied. In a preliminary lighting layout, we should consider not only the technical aspects of the operation, such as location choice, the choice of the direction of lighting, camera angle adjustment and so on, but also to consider its artistic effect, such as the overall perception of the quality of the light, the subject lighting rate, subject background color ratio. The effect of film, light type etc..
The position of the low angle lighting can create a horror movie / Vampire image with 3/4, prior to the main light in the style of classic Hollywood lighting is the main light position is favored, after 3/4 to 3/4 before the main light is to the back version of the main light. It is very dramatic and exotic, commonly used in the night of location shooting. When using a hard light source and a black film or a film on the film's lighting program, 3/4 to the main light effect is the best.
Has an important influence on the strength of the light tone image. Available "high profile" and "low profile" to describe. In the high-profile (relaxed, bright, cheerful mood and effect) case, if there is light, it will be almost as bright as the main light. When the low key effect, accompanied by a mysterious, dark, dark atmosphere. Fill the business of low intensity compared with the main light, sometimes simply do not fill.
Special lighting layout: eye light is a very important light. The use of it is not from the point of view of the exposure to light up the eyes, but to create a reflection, so that the eyes have a sense of freshness. Hair light plays an important role in the shooting of a film or television advertisement, such as an advertisement or a hair dye. There are several types of light hair is: from the head, from the angle of tilt, are used to create a dramatic effect and from the object behind, can produce a halo effect. Object lighting is also common in advertising, and sometimes objects can be lit by an existing light in the lens (a practical light source), for example, a lamp or a candle. The clothes often applied to the face of the lighting and light / left, with a special treat light clothes. In many cases, the lateral illumination is used to emphasize the texture of the clothes.


Atmospheric effects such as rain, fog in the film and television advertising shooting techniques are used in a large number of. These may be natural or man-made, and the latter is chosen for control purposes. To make these atmospheric effects visible on the screen, the rear illumination is necessary. We also have to use the sun as a post to light or from the back to the position to increase the HMIs light. Without enough back light, atmospheric effects will lose their "elastic"". If you can see it, it looks dull. The desert and the seaside sunshine is intense, to use a large roof and a reflecting plate to reduce sunlight in some areas of strength, multiple reflection or scattering of HMIs into the ideal light.
At the technical level, television lighting basically uses four types of incandescent lamp bulb: 1): the main disadvantage is that with the continuous use of lighting, color gradually lower (more red). 2) tungsten halogen lamp or quartz lamp: better than ordinary incandescent lamp system where it is relatively small, and keep its color temperature during its entire lamp life, the disadvantage is that it sends out high heat. 3: HMI) have relatively small heat, all HMI bulb emits 5600K outdoor temperature. 4) fluorescent lamp: often emits a slightly greenish light, or an uneven color, it is difficult to make the fluorescent lamp and other indoor or outdoor light mixed up.


At the artistic level, the role of lighting on the TV screen, there are roughly the following:

(1) the characteristics of the performance of the environment and the concept of time
(2) a mood, atmosphere, form a psychological effect on the audience. Lighting, color, light and shade will have a different feeling in people's psychological. As to the pure white, yellow to red grave, to give people a warm, black people to suppress, in a deserted street long shadow that partly hidden and partly visible danger, beating in a face or a wall of water and reflecting the shadows of leaves that happiness and peace.
(3) to guide visual attention. Light is a prominent place, we must let the audience pay attention to places with weak light; where is the place to hide. Through the use of light, can focus on the contrast, highlight the picture, play a guiding role in vision.
(4) the role of modeling. Light can be used to show the characters, the shape and contour of the scene, resulting in a sense of three-dimensional. Light can be used to portray the character's character and emotion, and enhance the performance of the picture.
(5) to maintain the balance of tone. The lighting can be formed with the composition, adjust the tone and tone, so that the upper and lower screen visually get coherence, to keep the tone balance."


   2 camera
High quality TV advertising is usually the first film with a negative image, and then converted into television, and become offline TV ad clips. These producers are used because of negative film shooting, they hope to achieve high quality copy of the film images of the virtual "think of the movie".
The expressive force of the lens art is directly affected by the technology of each individual picture. The screen shots can not have visual image, but also must pay attention to the change of visual images in the picture and picture arrangement, make the picture more clearly express certain emotions and plot, the audience's attention and understanding, 'aesthetic.
In the processing of the lens picture, the general should pay attention to the following points:
Grasp the main body of the picture: the main body is used to express a certain ideological content of the carrier, is the center of the picture, that is, the core of the key. To grasp the subject of the picture and not have the order reversed.
The art of dealing with body leaves called red, is used to express the main body with the theme of the art of dealing with body, to achieve the lifelike effect, the meaning and features of the main expression to help.
The environment of the contrast effect: in addition to the subject and the accompany body, a part of the environment is the picture. It contrasts the function of the subject, the plot, to enhance the performance of the theme of force. In the environment, the object in front of the main body is called the foreground.
The blank and balance: television screen, in addition to the entity object, and some by a single color background component, called the blank. It forms the gap between solid objects. The blank on the screen can play the following roles: to highlight the main body, create artistic conception, the organization of the relationship between the activities of the room to leave room for action. In the various parts of the picture to form a complete unity of the process, but also pay attention to the balance of the picture. It is a kind of psychological requirement and form feeling that people formed in the long life. In general, the picture should be balanced, and it makes people feel stable, harmonious and complete. But in the special circumstances, may also be interested in violation of the requirements of the balance, so that the screen to produce a sense of turbulence, in order to achieve a certain artistic purpose.
"Psychological Association is a mental process in which we can add up the space we cannot see on the screen. In order to give the audience an association, it should always be in this way - so that the audience can easily cross the screen image and feel a sense of the overall image to build the whole. In order to organize the visual world around us, we also like to put things together, so that they constitute a sense of." The picture processing method it is a montage.


From the technical point of view of the technology to see its artistic effect:
Different scene, the audience can cause different psychological reactions, resulting in different rhythm. If the vision makes people feel comfortable, open and close range; feature makes people feel realistic and urgent.
The lens is suitable for the performance of many things and a wide range of environment. The shaking lens sometimes replaces the subjective visual perception of the spectator. It shifts the viewer from one center of attention to another. At this time, if there is a picture of the theme of the appropriate coordination, the lens will appear more natural shaking. Move the camera along one direction gradually expand things, scenes and details of the scene, which is equivalent to the observer while walking, while watching the scene to see. The changing background of the picture causes the lens to show a kind of flow movement, arouses people's life in the movement visual sense, causes the audience to have a kind of feeling which is in its place, thus enhanced the technical force. Fast zoom push can highlight a specific object from the vision, rapidly eliminate the surrounding all things, reflect the prominent characters, such as shouting and screaming; highlight the important objects in the scene, such as a desk on a confidential document etc.. Slow push zoom is stable in vision, such as camera quietly close to characters tearful eyes, can make the audience have sympathy imperceptibly. In the process of television advertising, the use of push lens, can play a "theme", "extended induction" role; the use of pull lens can realize "open" and "distance" and "deep" and "end" rendering. Can better represent the characters and objects in the movement form and movement with the lens, such as the eagle fly. The running man, the animal, the vehicles, the ships, and so on.


Fixed focal length of the lens has a specific focal length. They are usually divided into: wide-angle lens, short focal length lens; the standard lens, or the focal length of the lens; the narrow angle lens, or telephoto lens. Also known as the telephoto lens.
Wide angle lens can reach a broad field of vision. Although the camera is quite close to the scene, you can still have a fairly broad view. A wide angle lens makes the object relatively close to the camera look larger, so that the object is relatively small in a very short distance. Wide angle lenses also affect our perception of perspective. Because parallel lines appear to be much faster than the usual sense of perception in this lens, it gives you an enhanced perspective that helps create an exaggerated distance and depth of illusion. A zoom lens makes it easy to change from a panoramic view to a close-up (or in turn). But with zoom lens push pull almost become a forgotten art. In most cases, a zoom is used as a means to change the field of vision.
Static animation is an animation technique, by frame shooting inanimate objects to cause the effect of movement, such as Christopher Pillsbury man. The effect of motion is caused by the minute movement of the object in a certain period of time. The same technique is also used in the clay animation, namely by the picture of clay image.
According to the experience and work habits, in order to improve work efficiency and ensure the quality of performance, shot order is sometimes not in accordance with the sequence of the shooting script, but will be close to the same flight, depth of field lens shooting. In addition, children's animal shooting difficulty high shots are often the first shot, and still life, and are usually close-up lens arranged at the last shot. In order to ensure that the shot is enough for the clip, each shot will shoot more than once, and the director may also shoot some of the script does not have the lens.


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