Camlight is Chinese famous LED professional film lamp brand, for many years focused on photographic lighting equipment research and development, production and sales, and according to the actual situation of the area of the use of the continuous improvement of various types of photographic lighting products, to meet the needs of all kinds of professional photography.

A professional R & D team:

Camlight has the industry's first-class technology, experienced film and television lighting expert team and professional R & D team.

Two, improve the production process:

Camlight has a first-class production technology, the international advanced production equipment and testing equipment, and has a strict quality management system.

Three, the sales network covers the world:

Camlight has a sound sales channels, sales network covering most of the provinces, municipalities, regions and municipalities, and exported to North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and other regions.

Four, warm and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sales service:

Camlight very focus on pre - and after-sales service, each customer service representative will be perfect, warm and thoughtful, so that customer satisfaction!

Five, access to a number of patents and honors:

Camlight product has a product "invention patent" (APPROVAL), "the design of the patent", "the utility model patent" and a number of patents issued by the state.

In March 2010, Camlight was awarded the "China Radio and television equipment industry association" awarded the "2010 science and Technology Innovation Award" and other awards by virtue of the quality of the SL-9900 spotlight.

Camlight products with high quality product quality and perfect after-sales service has won wide recognition in the industry and established a good reputation.