Technical characteristics

Camlight professional LED video lamp - photography is a good helper

Camlight professional video photography lamp comprises a machine head lamp, lamp, lamp, news interview, scene lighting lamp for outdoor lamps, studio lamp series. Camlight video lamp is a new generation product of the traditional television lamp. As a new LED television lighting equipment, Camlight can better assist journalists, film and television, professional photography studio to complete the picture more full of vigour, to create a visual impact of the picture. Camlight LED video lamp can be connected with different photographic equipment, one multi-purpose, suitable for film crew, news interview, party scene, scene lighting, etc. the studio camera, photography, lighting, lighting and lighting etc..

Camlight film photography lamp series products with high color reduction index and color temperature stability, dimming will not change color, very suitable for professional photography needs.

In addition, Camlight has also developed a series of popular photography enthusiasts favorite products fancier and DV. The photography enthusiasts and DV fancier whenever and wherever possible can enjoy the wonderful picture brought by Camlight photographic lamp.

Camlight, photography is so beautiful!

The Camlight news lamp

Camlight news interview lamp with built-in battery, integrated design, light body light, easy to carry. Camlight news lamp interfaces, and various cameras hanging flexible head can be changed, the other with a variety of accessories are available to meet the needs of different shooting conditions, can feel whenever and wherever possible Camlight news lamp charm. Especially in the news interview, Camlight news interview is able to play its own advantages, the perfect part of the reduction of the event, the most realistic picture presented to the audience.

The Camlight small scene lighting lamp

Camlight small scene lighting lamp using an external battery or power adapter, power supply, use more convenient, high brightness, low energy consumption, some models of the television lights can also be adjusted in the irradiation angle, color continuity in these areas. Camlight small scene lighting lamp equipped with a handle or a tripod, can adapt to various environment lighting and lighting.

Camlight small scene lighting lamp is more suitable for the news interview, MV shooting, small indoor shooting drama, outdoor lighting and some small cloudy scene lighting, such as boats, elevator, caves, tunnels, aircraft cabin or car etc..

The Camlight studio lights

Camlight studio lights are very suitable for professional studio use, can be hung or three foot support. Mainly used for light, background, side light and contour light. The arrangement of a live television studio, a studio or a movie. Camlight studio lights series, light and flexible, not dazzling, no fever, by the unanimous recognition and praise of professionals.

Camlight professional LED video lamp - energy saving and environmental protection

Camlight photography lamp has broken the limitation of traditional photography, and introduced the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Camlight light LED energy-saving lamp in use does not affect the illumination conditions, on the one hand, saving energy, on the other hand, enhance the service life of the lamp photography.

Camlight light in energy saving lamp was significantly higher than that of traditional photography, lighting energy-saving effect of more than 85%, because Camlight photographic lamp is used in cold light source, the lamp body less heat, greatly reducing the electricity for air conditioning system.