Camlight was born in 2005, is China's famous brand of LED professional film and television. Camlight products currently covers the camera lights and headlights, scene lighting studio lights three categories of more than ten kinds of products, widely used in various television, film and television studio crew, news gathering, advertising photography and video shooting DV etc..

Camlight to design its become an independent school, high color index, high brightness, stable color temperature and excellent product characteristics, in 2007 the market, namely the peer recognition, was quickly accepted by the market at home and abroad.

Camlight's slogan is "photography, so beautiful", "professional, portable, energy saving" is its brand attributes. At present, Camlight not only has a professional R & D, production and sales team, at the same time, by virtue of the strength of independent design, continuous improvement of the products of unremitting efforts, in just a few years time has won the national patents and industry awards, product marketing in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, high quality and unique lighting lamps and diversified personalized collocation for photography enthusiasts brought hitherto unknown photography experience.